Custom Pins 

Without a doubt, you can surely have custom pins created in any color, size or shape. You can even acquire a replica of the logo of your company. There are a couple of professional reasons you can do this, whether it is for part of a uniform, promotional reasons or even for sponsorship of a non-profit event. As a person, you would want to have a family pin created to give it during your yearly reunion. But then again, perhaps your book club is currently celebrating is 10th year together and you want to commemorate the event. Read more about  Enamel Pins at pinmakers. Something else that has gained popularity is having a wedding pin created to give it to the guests as a form of memorabilia for your big day. There are a of reasons why you should make use of this great service. People love having tangible things, no matter what the value or size is. Just put it this way, people love having things. No matter what the event is, it is better to give something that is personalized that they can wear on their tie, scarf, hat, purse, lapel and so on.
The custom pins are available in an array of varieties and this includes Cloisonne. Cloisonn? is a method of decorating a metal. The robust enamel Cloisonne pin is actually a metal pin that is inserted and baked a high temperature so as to cure the pain. Afterwards, it is polished. If this is performed with fashion, then the pin is smooth all over the top.

Another type is the soft enamel. Get more info about  Enamel Pins at custom pin makers. The soft enamel customized pins also contain enamel fill, on the other hand, they are air dried compared to Cloisonne pins. The fill would sit lower compared to the ridges of the metal that outlines the pin. This type of pin is not entirely smooth on the top and it has a raised outline. In addition, this is cheaper compared to hard enamel pins.
Die struck pins are usually seen in the metal shades. They can be colored but most of the time, they are not. They are the only kind of pins that are created three-dimensionally. 
Photo etched pins are alternative to enamel pins when you require something that has a whole heap of details in it. This is a thinner choice compared to the soft or hard enamel. 
Whatever you choose, make sure that it would fit the event that you plan to give out the pins.